Tuning your bass drum with Andre

Hi guys, it’s Andre.

Nothing can push your beat or element more than a powerful bass drum. Most guys just slam in a hot bass drum into their production, beatmatch it and it’s done… but we’re not done at this point.

In the end, every bass drum has a fundamental frequency, which is heard as a deep bass note. If the key of this note isn’t according to the key of your song, you’ll have dissonances, which are not really nice to listen to.

To avoid this, you can tune your bass drum. All you need is a frequency analyzer tool and a way to tune your bass drum like f.e. a pitch plugin  or a sampler.

By using a frequency analyzer, you can determine the key of your bass drum according to the frequency. Here’s a little list for that:

Use this list to tune your bass drum to match the key of your song and by clicking on the picture and then right click –> save as  you can save the picture to your hard drive and have it with you every time you need it.

Use a pitch plugin or a sampler combined with a frequency analyzer to find the right key for your bass drum.

Make sure your drums are not only beatmatched, but also keymatched.

Thanks and have a great weekend.

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