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Perfectly folding a shirt in one second, speaking Chinese or even how to cook a giraffe, there’s nothing that isn’t already explained on the Internet. Audio production has become so much more achievable with the new softwares and every beginner, advanced and pro can find his own teachers online.

As one of the few radio imaging blogs out there, we also want to reach and connect with as many producers as possible and also offer various Pro Tools tutorials, tips and techniques, but there are also Pro Tools only blogs out there, mostly specialized on music production, engineering and recording.

In this episode of ‘Useful Links’, we want to share our personal favorite Pro Tools blogs.


One of the first addresses for Pro Tools. ProToolerBlog features latest events and news on audio production, hardware tests, tips and tutorials on production and also all kind of free plugins or samples which can be found on the Internet.

Pro Tools Expert:

Pro Tools Expert features everything about Pro Tools from tips, tricks, user support, prizes and exclusive content for members. No matter, whether you’re having problems setting up Pro Tools or are on the look of hardware suggestions or video tutorials on mixing, Pro Tools nerds will find something for their taste.

Pro Tools Dudes:

Find the shortcuts, you never knew before they even existed, get video and written tutorials from simple Pro Tools features and latest news on Avid software and hardware. Get support on troubleshooting, tips and tricks on post production, session management and more.

Pro Tools Professional:

Pro Tools Professional shows the latest updates, plugins hardware tested and commented from an audio guy’s view and also special tips, tricks and lessons for Pro Tools as well as Pro Tools HD.


Audiotuts+ is part of the tuts+ network which features various lessons and tutorials on technical skills, like web design, software development, Photoshop and also audio & music. Audio freaks won’t only like the special Pro Tools part of the site, but also the generic tutorials on music production, recording, mixing, sound design regardless of which kind of DAW you’re using.

User which can’t get enough can purchase a premium membership and gain access to exclusive courses, tutorials, original files and ebooks on the topic they wish.

These are just a few personal favorites. There are tons of quality blogs an websites out there. Like said before,there’s almost everything on the Internet.

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