Useful Links: How to become THE real Mac WARRIOR!

Since ever Benztown is working on Mac and is truly Mac Fans. Oli and I believe the performance with ProTools is much better and Mac is not just the more stylish and in general better looking product, it is much more efficent, the overall performance is incredible and for us it is also a massive time saver. Almost no viruses, no system crashes or else in the last 8 years! That been said, I hope not to exclude too much people by writing this post. These programs work for PCs as well,but they have been designed for MAC.

Through the time, we discovered a few programs and services, which made the work with Macs a lot easier so we never want to miss them again

Here’s a useful links Mac special. Check out 1Password, TuneUp, & Dropbox and see how it makes your Mac (and your workflow) much better.


When you enter the website of 1Password the first text that appears is: “Have you ever forgotten a password?” – And that’s the main point of it. In our world it’s not save anymore to have just one password for every account, and in my case I have dozens of accounts and different passwords. When it comes to create a password you have the next problem: either it’s easy to remember, but not safe at all, or it’s safe, but impossible to remember.

Just define your login information once and 1Password stores it all. Each login data for every site. 1Password stores several login data for the same site, no matter if you’re using several gmail accounts or several credit cards for your online shopping.

1Password is an easy way to store all your software licenses (each and every plugIn you have). You’ll never lose the overview.

For those ones who aren’t very creative when it comes to creating passwords, 1Passwords comes with a strong password generator. Just define your parameters and 1Password is creating the password, filling it in and storing it for you.

1Password works with Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad and Android. Never forget a password again.


TuneUp is a plugIn for iTunes and Windows Media Player, which analysis your whole media library, removes duplicates from your library and adds missing information to your library.

You’ll never see things like ‘Track 01’ or ‘Unknown Artist’ again. TuneUp analyses your library, adds all the missing information and changes all the wrong information (wrong artist, title, year, genre, etc…)

Fight the chaos in your library with TuneUp.


You have files you need to use at several places or you want to share files that are to big to send via email? Than you need Dropbox!

Once you’ve organised your Dropbox you have acces to it – everywhere. When you save a file to Dropbox, it instantly saves to your computers, phones and the Dropbox website. Even if you work on a computer with no Dropbox, just enter the Dropbox website and you have access to all the files in your Dropbox.

Share big files with a few clicks. Put them in your Dropbox and make them public, so several people can work on one file or folder together. It’s our favorite way to share files with our international partners.

This are just a few programs and services which make our daily life and work easier. What are your little helpers? Just write a comment or send a mail to

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