Welcome to the Irish Imaging Training Camp or Paul Duffy…

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All the submissions have arrived, the jury is now choosing the contestant for the Finals. Who will be the NEW Iron Imager? Are your ready for the most prestigious title in radio imaging? One talented producer will have the chance to compete against reigning Iron Imager Paul Duffy. We had the luck to steal a bit of his time during his training for the contest and managed to get insight into his secret training routine :)….It is very Irish!

Check out the interview, some inspirational audio and some Irish Imaging wisdom from the Iron Imager himself – Enter Paul Duffy!

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1. How do you feel, being given the chance to defend your title?

It’s an honor and a privilege to be asked back to defend the title. It was amazing to win it last year and I’m really looking forward getting back to LA for the beer…. er , I mean for the SERIOUS competition…

By serious competition…. I mean beer!!!

2. What are you going do in LA this time, what do you want to see?

OK , this is where the girly side of me comes out but honestly, I wanna go shopping!!! I would like to see more sights. I’m gonna be the absolute tourist!!! It’s my mission to get “HOOFED” out the Beverly Hills area.

If anyone asks , I answered “Beer and Stripper” k?!!!

3. How does an Irish training camp look like?


As you can see from the photo… We like our food.

The camp has weights.. A strict course of speed editing tests…Beatmix and compression tests ALL DAY LONG

(No, I do not have my feet up watching Family Guy typing this. What are you talking about???)

Check the video for some secret insights in Paul’s Imaging Boot Camp and his training routine.

[vimeo 64140620]

4. Do you have a new system to work on?

Still on Audition!!! Boys, I need help on Pro Tools!!!

I’m like a child, I need to be taught… Seriously!!! Somebody… Anybody….. Konsky?? Andy?? Santos???

Anyone…… Pleeeaaaaaaaassssseeee!!!! Somebody!!!!!!!!!!!

5. Any advantages  / disadvantages as you have the experience from Iron Imager 2012?

Wow, advantages…. I know how pressurized and tough it is and how fast the time goes…

Disadvantage… I know how pressurized and tough it is and how fast the time goes…

Boys. I know you want me to be serious and all Hulk Hogan and Brett the Hitman Hart on this bad boy… But I’m just looking forward to sunshine and going on the LASH!!!!!!!

Thanks to Paul Duffy for pausing his training and giving us insight and a teaser for the upcoming contest. Stay tuned and be first to witness the upcoming battle of imaging talents!

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