Where the hell are my audio files and how to…

Hi guys it’s Andre.

It’s the 53rd issue of my Production Diary and I’m still learning everything about radio imaging and production from the Benztown crew.

After working a time with Pro Tools, you’ll see that Pro Tools creates a mass of audio files. Creating, copying and moving sessions and audio files around can bring you to a point when Pro Tools cannot find certain audio files anymore. After you open your session you see this awful window.

Your files are gone… but don’t worry, there’s hope. I’m going to show you how to find the missing files.

Start with clicking “Skip All” in the window above.

Select Window –> Project or click ⌥O (it’s the letter O, not zero) to open the project window.

Click the arrow in the top right of the project window and then select “Relink Offline”

This operation will direct you to the Relink window.

In the top you can choose the volumes you want to search through and below you see the files to relink. Select the files you want to relink, choose the volumes and then click “Find Links” in the top. If Pro Tools was successful, you’ll see little chain links next to your files. Click on the file and then the speaker below to audition your files to check if this are the files, you’re looking for.

Now, select the files and click “Commit Links” – now, the files are usable again in your session. To make sure the files are linked to the session correctly again (means that the files are in the Audio Files folder again) open the project window and select “Audio Files”. Click the arrow in the top right and then click “Copy and Relink”

Now assign the correct Audio Files folder and everything’s back to normal again.

To avoid this case, use the “Save Copy In…” command, when you’re moving around complete sessions. Click File –> Save Copy In to open the Save Session Copy window. Make sure to toggle on “All Audio Files” to copy the sessions with the audio files.

My tip for you: Save every session in its own folder and with its own Audio Files folder. This will minimize the risk of messing up the audio files when moving the session around and it will be easier to find and back up certain sessions with the whole audio.

Cheers and have a nice weekend.

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