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I’m using a Pro Tools intern tool called “Window Configuration”. It’s a great way to keep your screen tidy while working and gives you the possibility to switch between window settings immediately. Let me give you step by step guidance how to do this.

The Pro Tools function we are using is called “Window Configuration”. The feature is opened via a window called Window Configuration List. Open this one via the menu or shortcut: alt+cmd+J

Window Configuration - Path 2

When opening this list the first time, it will contain no entries. Let’s change that.

Window Configuration - Blank

The first configuration I will add is an “blank list“. I really recommend this, as this will be the initial config.
Right now I’m working on a single monitor setup, so my blank setting will just include the edit window, which fits nicely as a go to for Radio Imaging. For a dual monitor setup, I like to include to my blank session the edit window as well. So for monitor 1 the edit window and the mixer for monitor 2. But more examples subsequently.

So I open the windows I want to include to my “blank” setting. Then go to “Window -> Configurations -> New Configuration.”

Window Configuration - Path

This window pops up.

Window Configuration - New Layout

Add a name: “Blank” for example. Choose the first option – this will save the current location of the Edit Window with all its settings like markers, and track widths and heights. Repeat this step for the mix window. Now you can switch directly to an initial state of your windows, especially if you have several tracks in use, which are messed up in scales.


If you are working on a two monitor setup, it is sometimes nice to extend the edit or mix window over both screens. But after updating to Mavericks, this was somehow not possible anymore, as Mac OSX treats each monitor as single screens by default. But I found the option to change that: Go to System Preferences -> Mission Control -> Uncheck “Displays have separate Spaces”. Now you can extend your mixer or edit window over both screens! Nice if you have a good amount of tracks in your mixer and want them to display all at the same time.Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 18.46.05

Of course the Window Configuration not only works for Edit or Mix windows. It also works for plugins: both – Audio Suite and Insert plugins! And this brings you a whole bunch of new possibilities. What I’m doing now, is setting up some plugin lists.
For example I open all Audio Suite reverbs, I tend to use. I keep them open by clicking on the red target button in the upper right of the plugin. Now I add a “New Configuration”, but now choose the second option: “Edit Window”.
Let’s try this for Reverbs. Love this when I want to check which plugins works best for Reverse Reverbs. In combination with the “Reverse” Button, this works pretty fast.

Window Configuration - Reverse FX

I’m doing the same for Delays.

Window Configuration - Delays

Or Pitching Effects.

Window Configuration - Pitch

Another option is to do this for a Mastering Chain, as already mentioned, this configuration works for Inserts as well. And note, that all plugins settings are saved when you create a new Window Configuration.

Now I’ve got a nicely configured window, I can access all needed windows easily.
Window Configuration - Pitch

I really like this feature, as it saves a lot of time and is great to keep your screen clean and accessible. Happy config! 🙂

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