24 Days of Xmas – Day 12: The Three PlugIN…

Questions about mastering, plugIn settings, mixing techniques – I get them very often and yes those things are important.

There is no great craftsman in the world creating remarkable work without good tools, but those three PlugiN are my go-tos and I would recommend to everyone to check them out!

1. Work Ethic
Nothing beats a good 4:1 ratio and a -13 db Threshold on the work ethic front. Feel free to set the attack to 5ms to get a straight forward result.

2. Dedication
An important one I use in almost every mix to make it pop and stand out. Use it best in an Aux-Track. Put the mix to 100% and blend it nicely with the volume fader of the Aux-Track.

3. Respect
The key for long term success. You can always use this on all tracks as Insert or even as Audiosuite.
Works with every Audio File – promise.

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