24 Days Of Xmas – Day 19: Remix MANIA or…

It’s REMIX time! Here at benztown we’ve been using remixes for our productions for some time now, as you often like a song but need a more uptempo/downtempo version of it. Our very own music madness specialist Konrad put together a sweet collection of remixes suitable for production (and for enjoyment of course). Here are some of Konrad’s recommendations and an outlook on 2019! Enjoy!

Cool uptempo remix of an almost ballad:) Watch out for Banx & Ranx in 2019! Besides the great original song they also did cool versions of Woman Like Me and Let Me Live.
Jersey Club influenced, busy and fresh remixes from a very young, but professionally approved (Diplo, Skrillex, Marshmello) artist.
The Party Pupils still keep if funky but evolved their signature sound and can turn every (lame) song into a party jam:D
Wham meets David Guetta? No, Aazar from Paris just seems to be a very creative and versatile producer who keeps making noise f.e. together with The Chainsmokers
Last but not least – Skrillex take on one of the biggest songs 2018! Maybe a hint for more stuff to come from him in 2019!
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