24 Days Of Xmas – Day 21: Andys Fiver Friday…

Wow, it is that time of the year agin. Thank you so much for all your support and love in 2018. I am taking off for Christmas and hope you and your families have a fantastic time and enjoy the days of great food, presents and quality time. Here is this years FIVER FRIDAY XMAS Edition.


Universal Audio “FATSO” – Chris recommendation, a modern classic compressor/saturator which is incredibly useful for bass, guitars and smashing stuff together! – Check it out!


The best Christmas movies ever:)…My Favs.

1. Die Hard
2. Home Alone
3. Bad Santa
4. Trading Places

3. Music

Like every year my favorite Christmas Song!

4. Web/Social/Whatever 

Best ad by far this year! Still love the movie!


5. Imaging

Christmas Jingles for France from yours truly Oli

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