Andy’s Fiver Friday #121 – Tischfußball, Imaging Assassins and new…

Ahhh. Another week, DONE. And guess what my office life’s been missing out on… 🙂


1. PlugIn

The new ChromaVerb that came along with the Logic Pro X Update, what a beauty – by the way, it also sounds really nice 🙂

2. Inspiration

The best purchase for the office, EVER. Our new TISCHFUßBALL, not just any Tischfußball – THE TISCHFUßBALL!
The Leonhart Pro Tournament is not only the world cup’s official table, but also Benztown’s 🙂

3. Music

One of the best Hip Hop Albums ever with my favorite tracks!

4. Web/Social/Whatever

A great mini documentation on how to record audio books.

5. Imaging

New work from the Imaging Assassin Mike Santos on Melbourne’s KIIS.

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