Andy’s Fiver Friday #129 – HAPPY EASTER with Ozone 8…

 LAST CALL for Iron Imager and HAPPY EASTER holiday weekend to y’all! 

1. PlugIn

Ozone 8 Advanced – this week we dug out the real MASTER for you guys. Bringing out the best of the mix with Dynamics and superb multi-band compression. See what we have to say about its new futuristic features here.. 🙂

2. Inspiration

Throwback to our STUDIO ONE Slow Down Effect Tutorial – Go get creative! 


3. Music

Danish singer-songwriter MØ switching things up with her upbeat new jam NOSTALGIA – LISTEN IN!!!

4. Web/Social/Whatever

Our work for the C&A TV commercial – Sounds awesome!


5. Imaging

IRON IMAGER VII HERE WE GO – 3 DAYS LEFT to show us what you’ve got! Will you be up against Champion Brad at WWRS 2018? If you’re the Contender we’ll fly you out to LA and you’ll have the best time! Sign up and submit your masterpiece HERE!!!








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