Andy’s Fiver Friday #142 – NYC, Imaging legends and of…


So, our NYC trip is coming to an end, what a fantastic city! The vibe, the energy, the food choices – insane! Beside that I would argue that this city is still the capital for radio or at least one of the capitals. In the imaging world home of people like Dan Kelly, Staxx, Bryan Apple, Dom Nero, Chris Mercado, John Kerber, the list goes on forever..

Oli and I have been lucky to meet some of the guys, talking Imaging, radio and of course Imaging ;)! 


The guys from Soundtoys just went on summer sale! Means great plugins for an affordable price, huge bang for the buck! Check it out!


New York is just like no other, the most inspiring, crazy, insane and coolest place in the world.


Chris’ favorite: 


Oli is a big fan of these masterclasses, check out Armin van Buren. There is a great free 7 day Trial.


Featuring our good friend Bryan Apple, always a blast!




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