Andy’s Fiver Friday #202 – A Halloween Preset, Descript changing…

That week went by fast with so much imaging going on – I hope you enjoy this week’s findings.


Perfect for Halloween Stuff – Layering Effect Rack:

1. We insert Effect Rack on the 2nd VO track.

2. Choose a suitable preset (“From Deep Space” works great!)

3. Remember to play around with the volume on the 2nd track until you get the wanted result!


Is this the end of our craft? Has anyone tried this out yet?


What a great track! R.I.P Guru!


Great kickstarter project by a cool company, definitely interested how this turns out and worth the support!

Monogram: Modular Creativity Tool


Our boy Dom has done it again! Nice work mate and thanks for sending a message when flying over Stuttgart and NOT stopping by and hanging :)….

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