Andy’s Fiver Friday #229 – Imaging from home, Corona Radio…

Another week in self isolation has passed by in speed of light. It is for sure a complicated and challenging time for all, but we as communities, families and mankind will get through this, if we stick together. I hope all you producers out there (working from home for the first time or are used to self isolation in a home studio environment) are happy and your families are well! Stay safe, stay responsible !

1. PlugINs

Our friends at Native offer this awesome KONTAKT instrument for free this week.

2. Inspiration.

Chris Davis from KIIS in Sydney. He is a personal inspiration, a friend and I am even more impressed about his work, since I work at home. I am stunned how he handles the home office situation with 3!! Kids since yars and is creating world class imaging – weekly! Here is his latest!

3. Music. As I cant visit my barber right now:).

4. Inspiration

Need some good radio content ideas for this challenging time?

Welcome to Coronavirus Radio Ideas!

A Facebook group made for radio stations and radio creators that are figuring out how to navigate in the Coronavirus environment of the unknown. P1 Media Group and Benztown have created this space online for radio stations around the world to curate and exchange ideas of what they’re doing to continue to deliver quality and out of the box content to their listeners.

5. Imaging

A cool video by yours truly Alex on creating Magic in High Speed!

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