ANDY’S FIVER FRIDAY #263 – EPIC depth and width with…


It’s getting more and more busy before Christmas…keep your head up and check out this week’s findings!


1. Plugin

WavesCLA Epic – Love the ease of getting multiple dimensions with reverbs and delays. Bought this for 39$ last week. No brainer!



2. Inspiration

I love those short “In A Nutshell” videos! They explain the most complex topics on an understandable basis, supported by incredibly creative graphics.


3. Music

Don Diablo dropped a banging Remix of DuaLipa’s Levitating!!



4. Web/Social/Whatever

This movie made me cry. You need to learn about Andy Irons, his story, his suffer and extraordinary accomplishments in the world of surfing. I was blown away by the competition with the one and only Kelly Slater.


I miss Hanalei and Hawaii.




5. Imaging

Remembering the legendary John Lennon. An amazing tribute for the 40th anniversary of his passing, produced by James Stodd!



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