ANDY’S FIVER FRIDAY #316 – Smart Limiters and FAME FX:…

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Christmas is almost here…crazy! Some last minute Christmas gifts and stuff I dug up.


1. Plugin

A great new limiter I really wanna play more with during this year’s break! Sonible smart:limit




2. Inspiration

In case you need some nice Christmas presents for your imaging friends :)…Nice discount on Fame FX



3. Music

To get you in the mood…



4. Web/Social/Whatever

This week I caught up with the wonderful Laetitia Dana, she is an incredible singer, mom of 2, artist, and creative that we used to work with regularly. She does outstanding Totem ART now. Laetitia creates all the stuff by herself using a North African knotting technique called macrame. Stunning! Check her INSTA here @bledbazar



5. Imaging

Great work from the Netherlands!


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