ANDY’S FIVER FRIDAY #361 – NEW Global Radio Webinar, FREE…

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So, end of the work week means – time for Fiver Friday. This week was a blast and here is what I dug up in the interwebs:)…Have a great weekend!





1. Plugin

A few years ago MOOG stopped the production of their legendary Moogerfooger Pedals, since then they became rare and hard to get…..NOW THEY ARE BACK!!

Moogerfooger Effects Plug-Ins developed in-house by the iconic brand for an incredible price of 149$!!!







2. Inspiration

Christmas in a box is back again. Get your FREE AUDIO PACK and if you are quick a page of custom liners from our Santa Mark Wallengreen!



3. Music

My favorite workout list right now





4. Web/Social/Whatever

Great webinar with one of Australia’s most successful programing figures of the last decade. Learn how Paul re-built NOVA, created Smooth and what he is up to today.






5. Imaging

Some great stuff from Sam Wickens – long time no see mate!!!


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