ANDY’S FIVER FRIDAY #360 – New Melodyne Workflow, New lecture…

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So here we are, next episode of my most favorite thing I do every week. It is 5er Friday!!!





1. Plugin

The Melodyne integration in the latest ProTools Update is an absolute GAME CHANGER!! This literally saves you hours of work when diving into a whole new Jingle package production. Avid heard our prayers!!






2. Inspiration

My friends from the US often ask me about the difference – not sure, if Christoph nailed it, but it is hilarious.



3. Music

Loved Kool G as a Kid and found it again! One of my favorite tracks :




4. Web/Social/Whatever

Ordered this book today and can’t wait to read it, question is when!!!!!





5. Imaging

New stuff from yours truly :



Let me know what you think! Ideas, thoughts, improvments!!

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