Andy’s Fiver Friday #54 – The Video tutorials are back,…

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What a week! We have been named for the 4th time in a row to one of America’s fastest growing companies . I m so happy about this as only one out of ten companies on the inc 500 list achieve this. I am so thankful to work with the best guys in the business day in and day out. I appreciate all the great partners and clients and of course I am thankful for your support and journey we are having on this blog together for the last 5 (cant believe this) years! In this week’s Fiver Friday there will be also a video tutorial. You asked for this, so we try to deliver that more frequently – promise! Have a great weekend!


1. Plugin

I found a new compressor by Slate Digital this week: The Monster! It seems to work pretty brutal with transient material, as a button called “Punch” pushes material while having a slow attack. The plugin also comes with a High Pass Sidechain which is perfect if you want to give low end the extra punch. And the best: it’s FREE! Check it out!


2. Inspiration

This short film takes us to the studio of two foley artists, Sue Harding and Peter Burgis, working on a film about the life of a fisher in a small village. No Dialogue, just picture and sound.
It’s amazing how they perfectly time their performance and liven up the whole film.


3. Music

Yeah, the heroes are back…say hey how are you doing, sorry I can’t get through… in


4. Web/Social/Whatever

Benztown on the inc 500 list. Again, for the 4th year in a row!




5. Imaging

From our mate Brad Leask in down under –  creating some awesome stuff for NOVA!

[soundcloud id=’278893101′ height=’false’ color=’#ff7700′]


6. Video Tutorial

How to create a powerful Lo-Fi effect benztown style. This is only one way to do this. As always, there is far more ways to get to the point.
For full resolution, watch the video on Benztown Branding vimeo!


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