Andy’s Fiver Friday #56 – Enigma, Late Summer vs Pitch…

What a great week, at least weather wise, we have been blessed, with such an awesome late summer…FANTASTIC! Maybe you have seen my post about reTune from zplane if not, check it out!

1. Plugin

Mhhh, it gets harder every week to get you only new stuff :)… This week I went back to one of my old school all time favs . ENIGMA, don’t lough about me, there is some Presets I still dig a lot. Also you can create some great effects, if you automate some values, such as Feedback, f.e. So go back to your PlugIn folder and start playing around with it again.
See Max checking some Enigma settings:


2. Inspiration

I love that guy and this is a good one about success .)…


3. Music

Posted this on FB already, but so god, I have to do this as well!

Classics 90sStraight classics! All you needed was your walkman and your headphones. Good ol’ memories! #OldSchoolHipHop #90s #StraightClassic #HipHopCulture #Rap

Posted by Old-School Hip Hop on Sonntag, 17. April 2016


4. Web/Social/Whatever

JUST A SHORT REMINDER: Think about the real issues before you go crazy because of a new iphone etc. Please, let us make this world a better place!


5. Imaging

Easy, this week I have heard some great stuff from my buddy Bryan Apple. Check out his soundcloud – worth your while!



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