Andy’s Fiver Friday #92 – Spitfire, Ohm Studio and Bryan…

Friday again! Lets get into it!



1. Plugin

I’m sure you know plugin company Ohm Force and their stuff. But did you know that they have a DAW? It’s called Ohm Studio and their approach is to connect people all over the world and create content together. So this one was created to work on a single project with various people simultaneously. I’ve noticed it a few years ago and think it’s still a great way to save time, money and get to know people around the world.


2. Inspiration

I really recommend to take a look at Spitfire audio. Their style to present their products, especially for the new Phobos synth, is huge.


3. Music

Check out the productions by Voicians! Amongst other things he’s producing for German stations “SWR” and “Das Ding“. Sound quality is superior – here’s his recent album:


4. Web/Social/Whatever

Found this great article which gives a nice guideline how to afford a film package under $5000! It’s not recording 4k, but resolution is not everything!

Build a Filmmaking Kit for Less than $5K


5. Imaging

Great new work by Bryan Apple for KISS 104.1 in Atlanta!


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