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In 2013 we explored Studio One 2 and we couldn’t resist adding it to our Pro Tools dominated workstations. Now, two years later, version 3 was released and we still use Presonus’ Audio Workstation in our daily work. Updates are always nice, but a whole new version is another thing which brings up completely new features and aspects into the game.
There are many new features on this and I want to give you an insight on two of them which had my first attention!

Scratch Pad

A new addition to Studio One’s features is the Scratch Pad. It is something like an additional arrangement window in which you can do independent changes without affecting the original.
I think that this is a nice way to try out things, capturing thoughts and ideas, create variations. Without the need of new session versions or undos! The events in this additional window use the same tracks as your original arrangement, so there will be same inserts and sends. Just an arrangement copy, right?!

Screenshot - Scratch Pad 3

It is possible to create various scratch pads, but you can just display one scratch at a time.

And it’s pretty simple: by dragging the event into the new arrangement window, you can work with it. When you’re done, do this vice versa.

Extended FX Chains

Plugin Garage? With version 3 Studio One becomes one. When opening a plugin you are able to access the view in the upper left. Here you can set up splitters between a FX chain to split up the signal in different ways:

  • Normal – splits signal in up to 5 identical signals.
  • Channel Split – splits stereo signal into pairs of mono signals.
  • Frequency Split – splits signal into band of frenquencies

This works with any VST/AU Plugins and external hardware. Will be an interesting way to use my effects differently.

Screenshot - Extended FX Chains 1

I think Presonus developed some interesting stuff and I’m excited how this will end up in the practical side of things – we’ll keep you updated!

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