Benztown Halloween Madness Pt. 1 or JB’s Horror Pitch Shift…

It’s that scary time of year again and this time we’ll bring you the full benztown Halloween Madness in three blood-curdling parts!

First up is Mr. Jan “JB” Brückner with a sure shot pro tools trick if you want to bring a spooky halloween VO to a funky Classic Hits Promo (or any other production). By the way, since being “our newcomer” last winter, Jan became a great imaging talent who produces for a lot of the benztown formats like Classic Hits and SpeakertToyz AC!

Jan uses Serato Pitch-N-Time and Waves Doubler to create a freaky, creeps giving voice effect. Check how it sounds:

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

And that’s how to do it:

– Make two copys of your VO file and put them on two duplicated/new tracks.

– Place the duplicates a bit before or after your main VO file to make them sound like doubles and turn down their volume/clip gain about -6 dB and more.

Jan Halloween Screenshot

– Then pitch one file +6 semitones up and the other one -6 semitones down.

– Put Waves Doubler or a comparable PlugIn on the tracks and set the two doubling voices to left and right.

– Now your original VO is in the middle and the pitchshifted doubles are creeping in from in the side.

– Add dynamics, delay and reverb to make the doubles thicker and place them in the mix.

That’s Jan’s way to create a scary Halloween VO but there many different versions of this trick – some of them we brought to you last year from Mike Santos & Dan Kelly. There is no limit in how to combine them with other modulation, distorstion, bitcrush or filter effects. But you allways have to pitch shift, to keep the Horror going! We here at benztown use Serato Pitch’n’Time and Waves Ultrapitch or Soundshifter… and whats your favourite pitch shift PlugIn? Let us know and post in the comment section!

Thanks to Jan for sharing his tip with us and we’ll be back with Pt. 2 of our Halloween Madness soon… you can’t hide!

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