Imaging South Africa – Brionne Olsen reloaded with new DAW…

Most of you guys might remember Brionne Olsen, Benztown Xmas Contest finalist and imaging youngster from South Africa and he’s back with some big news:

Check out Brionne’s new style and some great audio.

It has been some time that I’ve written to the guys at Benztown Branding. Four months ago, I left Jacaranda FM to move over to national radio station 5FM as producer for the 2 daytime show line up. The move is from a AC station to a CHR youth based station. Which obviously means, I had to beef up on my production skills to sound more edgier, more up beat and cutting edge.

The last few months, I really had to adapt myself to fit in with the station sound, but also lose my ‘sound’ as a producer and keep it prominent. The experience has taught me a lot as I moved from a Cubase based DAW to Pro Tools 10 on Mac! Yes I am a convert, but the change was inevitable.

Anyway, I don’t want to talk too much! The attached audio clips are as a result of my time at 5FM. Hope you guys enjoy it. Also hope to send more audio bits in the future as I progress at my new home.



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