The 3 Musketeers are BACK – The best PlugINs for…

by Alexandre Dumas

It has been a while since I wrote this post and as there is so much I do and I have not written about. That topic deserves an update, for sure!!! I hope this will give you some fun playing around with it in your session:

My 3 favorites right now are:

1. Pitch’n’Time

Copy the main VO to another track, maybe do a left / right split (meaning 2 mono tracks one left, one right panned), then play around in variable mode in Pitch’n’Time. Make sure you EQ and filter it (I recommend low cut around 400Hz) and adjust volume as you want to mix this proper to generate a subtile layer of excitement.

2. GTR Rack

Again, copy the main VO to another track and then play around with the presets, adjust volume, maybe comp with a panning tool and fiter. Adjust Volume or even automate to create a nice add-on Distortion effect to make the VO pop out!

3. Manipulator

Let me guess :).. copy the main VO to another track.

All of these techniques offer great results if done correctly! Remember to always EQ, Filter and/or adjust volume to blend it into your mix. 

Also let me know about your favorite VO layering plugins/techniques and if you want to get more of these tutorials!

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