first of all I am really thankful for all your answers an interest in this post. I will try to adress a survey from now one at least once a month.

See my answers to the comments below.

Matthieu says:

My DAW is a Pro Tools HD2 system & my favorite plug’in is the Transfuser from Digidesign/Avid. A very cool plug with a lots of possibility & fx on it. 1 everything run on the tempo, love it ;)

Benztown: Cool, we run a HD 3 Accel in the big studio. I also love the Transfuser, it is a great tool for Music Production as well. I think it would be cool, if you could write a blog post about the Transfuser and its opportunities.

Chuck says:

December 10, 2010 at 18:39 (Edit)

I use Adobe 1.5. Stable. Trustworthy. I can do just about anything with it you can do on Pro Tools. I also use Sony Vegas 8.0.

My favorite “go to” plugs… L1, C1 comp/gate, SSL 4000 compressor… and Waves REQ6 and L2/L3. I start with those then work from there.

Benztown: Cucker is in the house. Love the L3 as well, same with the  L2. Best Limiters on earth in my opinion. How about the SSL 4000. Can you send me a screenshot for VO you use – so I post with your comment?

Andrew Choiniere says:

I use Nuendo 3.2 and it work A1…. and i don’t know anyone who is using Nuendo. ahah.
Plugins ? Waves bundle, T-Racks, PSP Nitro, FabFilter, speakerphone… those are the main one.

Benztown: I never worked on Nuendo, but would love to check it out one day.  I love T-Racks as well. Is there any specific plugIn you like most and why?

Pete says:

Adobe Audition 3.0.1 and Pro Tools M-Powered for most demanding vocal stuff. But I still like working on Audition most of the time. As for the plugs, hmmm… Waves L3, Waves MetaFlanger, API 2500/SSL compressors, Waves REQ6 (yeah, me too) and Izotope Ozone. These days I’m testing new Izotope’s “Nectar” and I’m sure this thing will be my next *must have.
Outboard gear? My only desire is Aphex 230 Master Voice Channel and I’m planning to get one soon ;)

Benztown : I would take the Aphex as well :). Will check out the Nectar soon. Here is the demo link. There are great presets in Izoptope plugINs in general.

Gavan says:

I’ve used Audition, Vegas, Pro Tools, Sonar…

But now I use Cockos Reaper ( and LOVE it! So much more intuitive, and it is such a great price as well.

As for plugs, I use the Waves Gold bundle, and I love the BBE Sonic Sweet ($99)

Benztown: The gold bundle is great. Waves still is my first choice very often. Vegas is not often been used in Europe. Is there any advantages compared to ProTools?

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