The most fascinating production studio in the world – Enter…

An old brickwall backyard somwhere in Copenhagen, an open door, bumping beats….are you ready to enter Thomas Troelsen…

When we thought about redesigning the benztown studios in Stuttgart in 2010 I googled „design recording studio“. First ranked was a property called Delta Lab in Copenhagen. I checked their page and freaked out, because the design was so amazing and outstanding (as well as their gear list). The design is mainly 60s inspired, kept retro and the studio has two big mastering rooms (white & red) and various big and small recoding rooms. After it was sure Oli and I hit Copenhagen for Radiodays Europe, I decided to email Thomas from Delta Lab and ask for an audition. Thomas answered right away and we hung out together for a while on Friday afternoon in his studio. Thomas is the producer, composer and songwriter for stars like Leona Lewis, No Angels, Sarah Connor, Bryan Adams just to name a view. Various artists like Bloc Party, G-Unit and others have recorded their albums in Thomas’ fascinating studio. He also writes music for computer games, movies and and and. In 2003 he had his first world wide dance hit “Move your feet” with the artist Junior Senior. Currently he runs ProTools and the highlights in his outboard collection are a UA compressor, the Focusrite Red Series and tons of electric guitars and old original Roland Synths (the Jupither, the 808, 909) . His collection of vintage gear is vast. To get more and detailled personal info just click here

Guys, check out the pics below, for sure you never and I mean this truely from the bottom of my heart you never have seen a studio like Thomas’ one in your entire live. The design is fascinating, spacy and inspiring. Oli and I fell in love with all the outborad gear he uses like the old Studer Tape Maschine, a NEVE console from the 60s and the UA gear.  Thanks Thomas for having us in his studio.



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