Top 10 Posts Of 2017 – New Years Eve Special!

2017 is almost gone! On the last day like we don’t want to leave you hanging, so to finish up the year, we put together our Top 10 Postings of 2017.


#1 – Iron Imager VI: Readers Vote!

You voted for the Iron Imager of 2017. Brad Leask And Mike Anderson as the finalists with 2 amazing submissions. Listen to them again and who knows, maybe you’ll decide different this time 😉

 #2 – Trigger creativity. Cableguys ShaperBox!

The ShaperBox provides different modules that can be combined, but also work on their own. We gave you an overview and how to use them. Still an awesome PlugIN and a go to for all our Urban guys.


#3 – Meet the Audio Production Team for Brand Capital: Capital FM, Capital XTRA and Capital TV

Big Station, Big Imagers, Big Productions. The Guys from Capital are awesome!


#4 – Iron Imager VI: Meet the CONTENDER – Enter Brad Leask!

At this point he didn’t know… Brad Leask with some insight of approaching the Iron Imager Contest and more…


#5 – ShaperBox: Fancy techniques to create audibility

A closer look at some of the functions of the SharperBox and if it works for Radio Imaging.


#6 – Canada’s finest or how Gary V changed his mind – MEET Sean Galbraith

Sean is just an all-around interesting guy. In this interview he tells us about his favorite PlugIns, production tricks and advice for a youngster.


#7 – How to improve in less than 3 Minutes: Create branding intros without instrumentals!

The title gives it away pretty much. Glad you guys like it so much!


#8 – Imaging in the UAE and PlugIN Insanity – Meet Vish B!

Imaging in the Middle-East is different and interesting. Hear what Vish has to say…


#9 – How To Improve In 5 Minutes: ID Vocoder customisation!

Match ID’s to music ? Learn how!


#10 – The fastest way to cut your VO or The 8-step VO Cutting Guide!

An everyday task for most of us, so this is a must-watch if you want to be efficient!


So that’s it guys, our 10 most popular posts of 2017! Thanks again to everyone that supported us, read the blog and gave us feedback.

In 2018 we will definitely continue bringing you content regarding Radio Imaging, Interviews, Tutorials and maybe even some new categories 😉

Stay tuned and keep on imaging in 2018,

Andy and the rest of Benztown!

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