Turn your Session in a Delay Battlefield or MY Favourite…

Today, I want to share some Screen Caps of my favourite Delays and for what purpose and how I use it! In general, I am a delay freak, I use it all the time and in almost any session: No matter, if I create a powerful jingle, musibed, promo, sweeper or else. The most important to me, when it comes to choose a delay is: It needs to fit my need and help me to achieve my goal fast. Often I use tempo related Delays – makes the Imaging flow and that is one of my philosophical fundamentals, when it comes to music related Imaging.

Check my favourite delays and see how they get used and abused…..

Pitch Blender:

Around for ever, but still great, tempo related, awesome functionality and an unbelievable collection of presets and opportunities. To be honest, I dig the presets and love to tweak and change them…..My all time favourite is the Random RezDelay. Great for Vocals, Instruments and VO. I use it the most while producing music (f.e. for guitars) and sung Vocals. For Vocals, I often add a Low Cut Filter around 400Hz. I mostly use it in a full mix scenario with an AUX track or copy the track I want to use it on.

Echo Boy:

Yeah SoundToys!!!! Awesome collection of vintage and old school delays. Everything is possible within EchoBoy. Great Delay Presets (analog, FM, AM etc…), Filters, tenpo related and and and. My favourite is using EchoBoy with Music, while doing a beatmatch transition from one song into another or let the last syllables of a Hook bounce back in a branded intro and make it flow nicely into the ramp again. I use the Filters a lot and for VO I love the Pop Star Preset. I mostly use it in a full mix scenario with an AUX track or copy the track I want to use it on.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/28663845″]

Band Delays:

EVENTIDE…THE Classic. Expensive, but good. I would say my favourite when it comes to music and sung vocals. Awesome Options and great sound! The filters are rad and it is perfect for use in electronic music production or let hooks bounce back while doing beatmixing or branded intros. In my opinion a wonderful delay, which has the best sweeping sound ever. See the screen cap and just go from there: You’ll get great

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/28775222″]

Medium Delay:

Love those 2 presets as an AUX for VO. In my opinion it adds a nice body. The short one I use a lot with female VO. It gives a nice stereo feel. I add a Low Cut Filter at 400hz. Use it with caution. Too much wil make your VO sound muddy and too stereo.


Still a classic… I use it since years and it is still sounding great. Tempo related, feedback and filters all on board and possible. I love to use the Ping Pong for VO with an AUX track. I always add something else to it, could be a flanger, distortion or else. Check the example below.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/28663791″]

I know there is a ton of great Delays out there as well like the Echo Farm or the H-Delay and I love to show you my presets in a second post about delays, if you are interested in :)…What do you like and use often? Let me know and write a comment below.

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