Andy’s Fiver Friday #118 – First Episode Of 2018



Even though producing never stops, we took some days off for Christmas and New Years to spend time with our families and are now back on track.

We hope to deliver even more this year building up from a great year 2017. So welcome back guys! 



Not too long ago, iZotope released its brand new Neutron 2, a plugin focusing on analysing, mixing and controlling your spectral balance.

It features the ability to unmask your mix, meaning that it compares two tracks, carving out sonic space by scooping overlapping frequencies.

As always, iZotope delivers with outstanding digital processing and innovation. Check out their website for further information! 












2. Inspiration 

This week’s inspirational section features the VOX youtube channel with their take on N.E.R.D.’s hit song Lemon and where it got its bounce from.

I can only recommend their Earworm playlist for anyone interested in well researched, quality content regarding pop culture.


3. Music

For anyone who missed it, Justin Timberlake just released his new Single Filthy teasering his Man Of The Woods Tour which is just around the corner. 

Check out the corresponding trailer! Shoutout to Justin Case who’s gonna be a first row enthusiast for sure.


4. Web/Social/Whatever

Ever played a song on a pencil? Remember the cantina theme which is stuck in your head since you first watched star wars? 

Combine the two and a girl with too much time on her hands and you get this piece of art which will definitely put a smile on your face!


5. Imaging

The latest from our beloved Iron Imager Brad Leask. Go check it out!


Hope you had a great week and a good start into the new year. 

I’m already looking forward to bringing you the next Fiver Friday soon!

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