Andy’s Fiver Friday #128 – ALEXA loves Schnitzel and fly…

So far so good, a hectic, but awesome week is coming to an end. So many things!!! Most importantly:

The registration for Iron Imager VII is open, Brad is waiting for you.

Also my trip to Vienna was fantastic, I mean is there any city in the world where you can eat better Schnitzel and desserts? Of course RDE Europa was a great conference and I am really happy that I had time to meet old friends and colleges, meet a ton of new interesting people, plus of course, that I could check a lot of panels and seminars and learn about: ALEXA… 🙂

1. PlugIn

WAVESFACTORY SK10 SUBKICK SIMULATOR – Awesome for capturing low end frequencies with a more natural sound! Much better than simply EQ’ing and ideal for slower Pop and Rock tracks! Merely a speaker converted into a microphone!!!

2. Inspiration

Need some Infinite Risers to add suspense to your Promos? Always wanted to know how to create Shepard tones from simple samples? Here you have an incredible tool by NI… 🙂


3. Music

Simply FIRE – Today Post Malone finally dropped his vid for Psycho ft. Ty Dolla $ign released exactly one month ago!


4. Web/Social/Whatever

What a fantastic city and great event. RDE in Vienna was fab. Hanging with friends, learning a lot and of course the best Schnitzel in the world! 

 5. Imaging


SHOUTOUT to all Production Pros out there that fancy the ‘World’s Best Imager’ title – Produce something awesome, outdo yourself and don’t miss your chance to fly to LA FOR FREE for WWRS 2018!!! Visit for pre-registering, your ingredient package and rules soon! We are excited to see who Brad Leask will be up against!















“I’m ready, COME AND GET IT!” – The CHAMP Brad Leask ready and waiting for his challenger:


Here are some throwbacks to Iron Imager VI:
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