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1. Plugin

Long due to talk about that bad boy again – Molekular! Love the Vocoders for layering, but there is a lot of other presets and things you can create, that add that extra, if layered and used on Voice Overs






2. Inspiration




3. Music

Our own Mr Playlist here at Benztown created this one – it is more the stuff my wife likes, but maybe…some of you like it, tooo….




4. Web/Social/Whatever

Is more of an idea for all you out there liking coffee…go support your local small roaster before checking in at DD or Starbucks every day. My favorite right now, not sure, if they ship internationally are in Karlsruhe…





5. Imaging

Last but not leas, the masterpeice of this year’s production. The Benztown Megamix 2022 by Jan and Alex. So proud of you guys, gets better every year!!


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